You’ve planned it all out, your tattoo.  You’ve decided which tattoo design you wanted, which tattoo artist will do the art work, and have scheduled your appointment. Now what?


Many people faint, or feel woozy, during their tattoos. If this is your first tattoo, no worries – it isn’t because of the pain.  Don’t get me wrong– there is pain involved but not enough to make you pass out.

ChipotleGoodness1.Make sure the area you are having tattooed is free of sunburn, cuts, pimples and sores.

2. Eat within 4 hours of your scheduled tattoo appointment (this goes for piercings too).

3. Wear comfortable clothing and consider where you’re having your tattoo placed, but don’t wear any clothing that you don’t want ink on.  If you are having your foot tattooed consider wearing sandals; on your ribcage, wear a shirt that can be pulled up comfortably; for your shoulder blade area, wear a tank top, or tube top; and if on the thigh, wear short shorts.

4. Do not drink alcohol or take aspirin before your appointment.  Alcohol and aspirin thins blood and can cause excessive bleeding.  If this happens, your tattoo can scab up and you will lose ink in those spots.

5.Stay hydrated.  Drink plenty of fluids before and after your appointment.

You will receive instructions at the tattoo shop for aftercare after your appointment.  Feel free to check this out beforehand under our forms section. Our philosophy is if you eat well, the powers of a healthy diet will heal the body.