Time for a Vacation


It’s time for a vacation and you want to have a tattoo done. Planning a tattoo without a consultation is pretty tricky but we are here to help. We’ll need as many details and photos from you as possible to help explain what you have envisioned. It’s super important to make sure we are on the same page.

So how do I get started?


Do some research – You’ll find lots of resources on Pinterest, Instagram and Google. Find the photos that best describe what you are looking to have done. It doesn’t have to fit in just one photo, feel free to send multiple.

Plan out your tattoo – We’ll need to know the design details, size, location and color choices for your new tattoo. Keep in mind, tattoos on the larger side may not be able to be done in one session. Since you are only in town for a limited time, large tattoos may be something you want to save for your local tattoo shop.

Take a look at our portfolios – You can choose an artist or we can choose for you. Take a look, get comfy and let us know if a specific artist matches your style.

Reach out – Shoot us an email with info about your future tattoo. We’ll need to know your preferred appointment date, design description, placement, size in inches and color choices. Be sure to send over some photo references as well. Web@ChicagoTattooOrlando.com

What comes next?


Book your appointment – Once we’ve settled all the details we can get your appointment situated. Florida is bright and sunny during most times of the year. We don’t recommend submerging your new tattoo in any water. We suggest booking your tattoo for the end of your trip. During your stay, we also recommend putting lots of sunblock on the area, we cannot tattoo on skin that has had too much recent sun. We know it’s difficult, but it is important! =)

Submit a deposit – In order to book an appointment we do require a deposit. This deposit is not refundable and will go towards your tattoo when you have it done. In the event you would need to reschedule, we’ll need at least 5 days notice. Once we settle your design details, we’ll know how much the deposit will need to be.

Come in for your tattoo! –  Get some rest and have a healthy breakfast. Your body will need to be ready for what lies ahead. Try to head out a couple minutes early if you haven’t been to our location before because there may be some unexpected traffic.