As the premier tattoo shop in Orlando we do a minimum of 130 body piercings a month.  From your more common nostril piercing, to your forward triple helix piercing, we are committed to doing it right the first time, every time.  To that end, below is some advice we give to our clients about body piercings.

body piercings chicago tattoo orlando1. How long will it take my new body piercing to heal? Each healing experience will differ somewhat from one person to another for many reasons:  Following are the two main reasons:

Location of piercing – Depending on the location of your body piercing it could take from 4 weeks to a year to properly heal. Here are some healing time ranges, based on our experience:

Individual – How well you take care of yourself will effect how much time your piercing takes to heal.  If you are a smoker, this has a negative effect on healing.  Stress and poor nutrition also play a large factor.  To that end we recommend you take care of yourself and your new piercings to improve the healing time and health of your piercing.


2. How should I care for my new piercing? We suggest keeping away from any ear solutions, alcohol, peroxide and ointments. It’s important not to “over-clean” your piercing. You’d hate to strip your body of good bacteria in the  process of trying to kill the bad bacteria. Your body still needs to be able to do it’s job!

Castile Soap – We suggest using Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap. The particular soap we sell here lists tea tree oil as a main ingredient. Being that it is an organic soap, it is much less harsh than basic anti-bacterial  oap. Tea tree oil naturally has anti-bacterial properties and is also a natural anti-inflammatory which is a great plus for your piercing.  You can also use this soap for the life-time of your piercing.

Mouthwash – As far as oral piercings are concerned, we suggest using diluted Mouthwash (50% Mouthwash / 50% Water) anytime after you eat, drink or smoke.

Sea Salt Soaks – Boil 1 cup of water. Once cooking is complete, dissolve 1/4 teaspoon of Non-Iodized Sea Salt in the water. Using a diposable item (cotton ball, swabs, gauze or paper towel) soak up the mixture and hold over piercing for 5 – 15 minutes. This is another method that can be used for the life of your piercing.


3. Is there anything I shouldn’t do because of my new piercing? Your body piercing is a wound.  Treat it as you would any other wound on your body, with care.  Don’t touch your piercing unless you have washed your hands.  Keep the area bacteria free. Avoid clothing that may rub on the piercing and avoid consistant physical activity involving the area of your new piercing. Listen to your body, if it hurts, don’t do it. 


4. How long before I can change out the jewelry?  When deciding how long to wait to change your jewelry, you have to remember you do not want to cause unnecessary trauma to your piercing.  This could cause scaring and start your healing process over again.  We recommend you wait until the piercing is no longer tender and completely healed.  However, please use care when changing your jewelry.  We highly recommend getting help from your piercing when you’re ready to change your jewelry for the first time for some guidance. We have a wide variety of jewelry here at our shop. Our piercers would be more than happy to help you choose the proper jewelry for your piercing as well as explain how your new piece of jewelry works.