Planning for a tattoo can be a bit stressful. Sometimes you know what you want but aren’t sure where to put it or vice versa. We highly encourage our clients to go google crazy before coming in to the shop. The best way to express the ideas in your head is by showing examples in one or many photos. We’ve found Pinterest to be a great resource for tattoo photos. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Pinterest is a social website for sharing and organizing photos you find on the web. Many people have pinned and shared plenty of fantastic tattoos to browse through. It’s almost like someone has done all the research for you!

With that being said, there are a few popular ideas that may need a bit more consideration. We encourage self expression, we just want to make sure you have all the info you need first before making your decision.

  • White tattoos – I’m sure you’ve heard it before, white tattoos fade. Tattoos settle just under the epidermis which behaves as a tinted window over your tattoo. So the color of your skin will tint the bright white color. On lighter skin, a white tattoo appears beige and yellow. On darker skin, a white tattoo appears more of a lighter brown color which makes it much less visible.
  • Tattoos above the neck, below the wrists and below the ankles – The wear on these areas cause tattoos to fade a bit more than normal areas and become inconsistent   The bottoms off feet and inner hands are guaranteed to fade. For this reason, we recommend tattooing the top of the hands and feet for better results.  Just a heads up, we are no longer tattoo fingers here at our shop.
  • Small Tattoos – Tattooing small details is never as easy as it may seem. Our needle’s tattoo lines are similar to the thickness of fine tip sharpies. Take this into consideration before planning on having small details very close together as they may blur together over time.

Popular ideas these days are infinity symbols, anchors, symbols, feathers, flowers and writing. The deeper meaning behind these symbols make them all the more worth while. If you ever need help altering your idea to make it your own, we’d be glad to take care of you!