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Where is Chicago Tattoo Co., Orlando’s Best Tattoo Studio located?

Chicago Tattoo is located at 1790 State Road 436 (Semoran Boulevard), Winter Park, Florida 32792.  On State Road 436 between Aloma and Howell Branch.  We are in a standalone building and have ample off street parking.  We are across the street from the Original Mattress Factory and next to Choulala.

What are your hours?

Monday through Saturday – Open at Noon / Close at 8:00 p.m.Sunday – Open at Noon / Close at 7:00 p.m.

Do I need an appointment for my tattoo?

The short answer to your question is it depends.

While it is always our goal to get your tattoo idea designed, sketched, and tattooed as soon as possible, there are times an appointment is necessary.  If your idea for a tattoo is a simple design such as a name, initials or small symbols, an appointment is not required.  However if your tattoo idea is complex, custom, or detailed you will likely need to come in, speak to us about your tattoo ideas and schedule an appointment to return.

How do I set up an appointment for a tattoo, if necessary?

The best way to get started is with a consultation. You can discuss your details, sizing, pricing and set up an appointment if you are ready at that point. Give us a call to book a consultation appointment. (407)-678-8858

After your consultation, we can book your tattoo appointment. In order to book a tattoo appointment, we require a $50 deposit per appointment slot. We consider 2-3 hours as 1 appointment slot. Any more than a 3 hour slot will require a $100 deposit. This will go towards your tattoo when you have it done, but it is non-refundable. We ask for at least five days notice in the case you need to reschedule.

How do I make an appointment for a tattoo sleeve?

Once you have decided which artist you want to work with to have your tattoo sleeve designed, you will need to do the following:

1. Research – Obtain references by searching for images that reflect your tattoo ideas.  The more examples you have to deliver your vision of the final tattoo, the better. As an example, if you want a tattoo design of a flower; find the types of flowers that you like; also if you find a “tattoo of a flower” please provide those as well.  It will help us determine the type of tattoo style you like.  This process makes it easier for you communicate your heart’s desires to your tattoo artist.

2. Consultation – The best way to get started is with a consultation. You can discuss your details, sizing, pricing and set up an appointment if you are ready at that point. Give us a call to schedule a consultation appointment.

3. Book an appointment – We require a $50 deposit for one appointment, $100 for two slots in one day.  The deposit is applied towards the price of your tattoo and will be subtracted from the final amount due. The artist will work on your drawing up until the day of the appointment.

4. Let’s Get It Started! Your First Appointment – At your first appointment, you will review your custom tattoo design with the artist and start your tattoo.  You will schedule your next appointment with your tattoo artist. Please see our Appointment Policy for information on what happens if you miss your appointment and fail to reschedule before your appointment time.

What happens if I cannot make my scheduled appointment?

Our Cancellation Policy is simple.  If you fail to notify the tattoo studio 5 days in advance of your appointment you will be unable to honor your scheduled appointment time, any deposit or fee will be forfeited and prior to scheduling another appointment a new deposit will be required.

If you cancel before the 5 day mark, we can reschedule and honor your existing deposit  or hold your deposit on file,.

Do you have a shop minimum?

Yes, our minimum here is $60. This can be for a small symbol or a small basic name. Anything smaller will still need to be our minimum set up fee. You can find an image on google, or drop in for some help on the design. Once we see the design, we can get you an accurate price.

Do you have any other information?

Absolutely.  Check out our blog – Chicago Tattoo Times.  We have advice from aftercare and placement to designs and ideas. We welcome your comments, and if you want to know more about something that is not covered, write us. This is your community.

Do you offer body piercing services?

If you know us, you know our Body Piercer Freddie. He has set on for new adventures and moved out of the state. So until further notice, we will no longer be offering Body Piercing services. Thanks so much for your continued support Orlando!

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