Vacations are for fun, relaxing, and doing whatever you want, right? Including getting a new inspirational tattoo design.

image-stpeteshoresunset-dalia5 Tips to Getting a Great Tattoo While on Vacation

1. Get your tattoo towards the end of your vacation.  Tattoos require special care to promote healthy healing.  There will be some restrictions on swimming and sun-time so it’s best to have your tattoo done towards the end of your vacation.

2. Protect your skin from sunburn, especially where you plan on placing the tattoo.  Your skin needs to be free of all sores, scabs, or other skin breakage or damage to be the perfect canvas so your new tattoo design looks its best. Sunburns also cause and unnecessary level of pain.

3. Choose a tattoo design that can be completed in one session.  Unless you plan on visiting your tattoo artist more frequently, you should choose a tattoo design that can be done in a single tattoo session, usually lasting from 1-3 hours.   There are exceptions to this general rule, but this is a good guideline.

4. Schedule an appointment with your tattoo artist.  Chicago Tattoo of Orlando works with many clients coming to visit the greater Orlando area.  If you are interested in working with any artist in our tattoo studio contact us as soon as you can.  It is not uncommon for a tattoo artist to be booked 2 – 6 weeks in advance. Let us know the date you are hoping to get your tattoo, where you would like to have the tattoo design placed, and provide the tattoo artist with examples of what you have in mind, and any other details important to the layout of your tattoo design.

5. Relax, you’re on vacation after all. Our shop will provide you with after care instructions for your tattoo.  Plan to keep your tattoo out of the sun and water.