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IS Barbells

Industrial Strength Awesomeness

  Do you know the best thing about Industrial Strength? EVERYTHING!   We’re so excited to carry Industrial Strength Body Jewelry. Industrial Strength set out to stand out from the crowd. Dressed in neon polka dots, they decided to use only the best materials in their pieces, 316 LVM ASTM F-138…

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Forward Helix Piercing

Forward Helix Piercing: What is It and How Do I Care for It?

[dt_divider style="wide"/] If you like ear piercings, the triple forward helix is trending big time.  A helix piercing refers to the piercing of the helix, the upper ear cartilage. [dt_divider style="narrow"/] GETTING A FORWARD HELIX PIERCING You can get a single, double,or triple helix piercing as you see to the…

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